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Green Business

Green Business

As an opening generalization, environmental (or “green”) issues revolve around concepts such as pollution, degradation of the environment and ecological sustainability. An established subtopic of environmental concerns is whether green business is good business. Effective green business is any business that is both economically and environmentally sustainable, that operates in an environmentally friendly fashion and leaves the smallest environmental footprint (or impact) upon surrounding ecologies. – The Silent Killer


There is a new disease that has appeared on the horizon and people must be warned about it. It’s a killer. It is cancer. is creating a revolution in global retail. has implemented a unique strategy and operates under a unique business model.’s customer service and logistics are of a benchmark standard. has become a case study of the internet retailing and customer service. There is one more revolutionary achievement for which needs to be credited with, and that is the slow and silent death of the retail industry. Most people do not recognise as a retail sector cancer which is killing retail participants. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not criticising because of I a gripe with the company. On the contrary, I am not even criticising the company even though my writing about it seems to be negative, I am merely stating an observation and am providing commentary that needs to be considered by retail participants as well as customers alike. In the short term will continue to be the customer’s best friend, but like cancer, the pain will be felt eventually, but then it will be too late.

Wal-Mart in Germany



Wal-Mart is one of the largest retailers in the USA and has been able to expand internationally and compete successfully in markets like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, China, Britain and recently in India. Unfortunately for Wal-Mart they did not have the same success in Germany.  After operating in the country for ten years, it was unable to break even and eventually wound up its operations.