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The Deflation Myth

Deflation Ahead

The concept of deflation will one day be known as one of the greatest myths of history. I know why it is a myth. In fact, it’s not a myth – it’s a lie, it’s a scam. I will tell you exactly why so that next time the conversation comes up you won’t look like the total moron that one looks who tries to argue that deflation is a problem or is bad for society and its standard of living.

Scam Alert – Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Scam Alert - Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Network marketing, multi level marketing or MLM is a type of organisational structure that has made some individuals very wealthy, but most have been left disappointed, deflated, fooled and some even broke. The business structure itself is not a scam, but the way it has been presented to the public, and the promises that have been made to lure people in, have left many believing that they have been victims of a scam.

Scam Alert – Invoice Scam

Scam Alert - Invoice Scams

If you are operating a business then I need to warn you about the invoice scam. Sooner or later you will be thrown the bait. The question is whether you will grab it and get hooked, or whether you will smile and rip the bait off the hook and throw it straight in the bin.