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Scam Alert

I have created a special section titled “scams” which may seem a little out of place in a business consultancy and advisory forum. It seems that scams have little to do with business advice. Yes and no. As a business consultant and advisor I spend an incredible amount of time researching various business models and practices. A lot of my research is focussed on legitimate business practice and theory, but the reality is that there are a lot of scams out there which I find interesting as well as dangerous. They are interesting from a business perspective – in how they work, how they are structured and how they are promoted and presented. They are also dangerous because they trap victims who suffer loss and pain.

Interestingly, I have been targeted by scams because I am a business owner and operator. There are various scams which are specifically targeted at business owners, so as a business owner, be careful. I have also been targeted by scams as an individual. I am not saying that scammers have set out to specifically find me, Peter Solanikow, and to try to scam me. No. I mean that as a citizen I have been contacted with the aim of extracting money out of me. I have been one of many random citizens selected for scamming and because I am a pretty smart guy, I am happy to say that those attempts have all failed. In fact, I have used these scam attempts as case studies to better understand the tricks and tactics that are used to try to extract money from victims. I will be presenting my findings in this special section which I hope will be of interest and benefit to readers here.

Peter Solanikow
Peter Solanikow
Peter Solanikow is a tertiary educated and qualified business consultant and options trader based in Melbourne, Australia.
Peter founded A1 Tuition, an education resource provider, in 1997 at the age of 23. Peter has written a number of educational books as well as presented seminars in accounting and economics.
Over time Peter developed an interest in business management and has assisted hundreds of clients from various countries around the world in management, marketing, strategy and finance matters.
Peter travels to Europe annually and has knowledge and experience in business matters relevant mainly to Poland.

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