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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence are characteristics that workers and employers bring innately into the working environment involving their personality or emotions. Each person has their own individual set of behavioural traits and attributes that can either hinder or assist in the workplace. In the emerging field of emotional intelligence, two examples that can be observed are those based upon theories like that of Wong, et. al. (2007) who believe empirical results concerning emotional intelligence can be found through testing and there are those such as Singh (2007) who see emotional learning as key to the vertical-and horizontal-integration of learning in organizations.

Motivation theories


This essay is written in the form of a literature review where a number of academic journals will be reviewed and critically analysed in an effort to compare and contrast the various views presented on motivational concepts and their application. At least three academic journals will be selected which cover motivation, its concepts and application. This literature review will help to shed some light as to why there are so many various motivational theories and models available to the manager.