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Scam Alert – Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Scam Alert - Multi Level Marketing (MLM)

Network marketing, multi level marketing or MLM is a type of organisational structure that has made some individuals very wealthy, but most have been left disappointed, deflated, fooled and some even broke. The business structure itself is not a scam, but the way it has been presented to the public, and the promises that have been made to lure people in, have left many believing that they have been victims of a scam.

Scam Alert – Binary Options

Scam Alert - Binary Options

For about a year now I have been getting call after call after call trying to get me to take part in a new type of investment. These calls come from different companies, but they have a few things in common. The first is that they offer me the opportunity to invest in binary options. The second is that they are operated, it seems, from Israel, and thirdly, they are all scams!!

Scam Alerts

Scam Alert

I have created a special section titled “scams” which may seem a little out of place in a business consultancy and advisory forum. It seems that scams have little to do with business advice. Yes and no.